Self-Sustainable (Organic) Farming

If we need to get a healthy food, we need to adapt healthy agricultural practices… & Self-Sustainable Farming is a timely solution. It is not a totally new invention but is an enhanced version of earlier practices, adopting methods suitable to present day conditions. It is an agriculture method that works in harmony with nature rather than against it. It depends on practices such as crop rotation, green manure, compost and Integrated Pest Management. This farming uses natural herbicides, insecticides and fungicides and it strictly excludes the use of synthetic petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators, genetically modified organisms & antibiotic use in livestock. It’s a farming practice that brings about sustainable farming solution, health, safety and good quality of life to everyone involved.

Villages are the back bone of our country and Farming had always been a way of life and not some kind of bread-winning business.

“They alone live who live by agriculture;

all others lead a cringing, dependent life”

But unfortunately, major part of cultivable lands is lost in the name of expansion & to the greedy hands of multinational companies, supported by political bureaucracy.

Also, the prolonged usage of chemical fertilizers and insecticides by many in the name of Green Revolution resulted in the loss of soil nutrition & bio-diversity and we are in danger of losing our pollinators especially Honey Bees which is responsible for pollinating 70% of the crops we eat.
As the renowned scientist Albert Einstein once quoted, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

Moreover, many farmers could not sustain owing to the nonexistence of direct connectivity to retail market. As a result, many farmers commit suicide and many more were forced to sell out their lands to the Real Estate developers & switch over to other works with heavy hearts.
It’s time to realize that exploitation of natural resources by men to satisfy their greedy materialistic needs is the base for most of the natural calamities and that saving the resources is everyone’s responsibility.

In fine, Self-sustainable Farming is a major contributor to bring about Food-independence & the beautiful chain of Bio-diversity. It is a wonderful way to reduce the usage of water resources in agriculture, to improve the soil nutrition, to create a sustainable livelihood for farmers, healthy nutritive food, reduced risk of chronic life-style prone diseases and creating real wealth to future generation. is creating awareness and a deep understanding among the public about the need for Organic Farming & the intricacies of food chain through various campaigns and invite public participation in the movement, to save what little resource is left.

Organic Food

Organic Food has been wrongly understood by many as just a diet food like millet porridge. In fact, it is simply Food – any kind – made with 100% organic ingredients. Organic food, in the absence of chemical pesticides & preservatives, tastes better and has the original flavour. Every time you eat organic, you take one step towards better health and you indirectly persuade more farmers to grow organic and you contribute to a clean environment....

Right Diet, Right Exercise, Right Sleep – is the basis for a Healthy Life.

The foremost criterion for a Healthy Life is Good Food.

People have the right to Good Food & Water and it is everyone’s responsibility to demand their right. They should also become a part of the movement and spread it.

Food is part our culture but lost the charm due to globalization and all kind of alien junk foods have gained popularity, especially among the youngsters. The chemical inputs used in conventional farming find its way into the soil & water resources and its traces remain in the food that comes to the market.
No wonder, the food we eat now is simply a Chemical Cocktail and an apple a day will not keep your doctor away; it will only make the seller wealthier. These chemical in food, cosmetics, furniture & such other items, disrupt the Endocrine System which play a vital role in keeping the internal organs healthy. The prolonged use of these things, lead to more chronic diseases like cancer, obesity, early diabetics, infertility, hyper activity disorder and many such chronic diseases....

To revive the diet of the Planet and Human, it is essential to turn toward Organic Food. If you feel that organic Food is expensive just think about how it brings saves your lengthy & painful trips to hospitals and your contribution to a better environment and a dazzling future for the next generation….


Contract Farming

For those who have Agriculture Lands but not the know-how.

Consultancy Services

For doing farming – from the initial stage including on-field support

For setting up Agri-related business for enthusiastic Entrepreneurs with passion for self-sustaining farming

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