Waste Management & Wealth

As the population grows, the great challenge of managing the waste also grew. We at f5green.org strive to mitigate the war by finding & spread the ways to convert waste to wealth.  

Refresh: To recreate old stuff with innovative new ideas and put them to usage - Best out of waste - Arts, Crafts & Utilities.

Reduce: To influence people to reduce the use of plastic & to use degradable green products, to use cloth bags instead of disposable carry bags and avoid using disposable things of all sorts, to the maximum possible, through campaigns especially among children and pave way to waste reduction.

Recycle: To train people to use renewable sources, to recycle the non-degradable waste and manage the waste wisely by converting them into useful products and compost.

Reuse: To convert & use the recycled products like paper mache craft items, to clean & re-use the used water to flush toilets & for gardening.  

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