Water Conservation

Without Water, World cannot Be... (Thirukural)

Can you imagine a day without water!!

No brushing, no bathing, no cleaning, no cooking, not a drop to drink!!

We all will become “yucky fellows”!! - fighting each other for a drop of water!!

All civilizations start & end near rivers. Water is God’s gift to mankind and the great poet Tiruvalluvar has sung the importance of rain under the heading “Vaan Sirapu”. Our country had beautiful water resources in abundance and our fore-fathers had great science to create & preserve the water bodies. But it is the fast depleting resource now due to the never-ending greed of humans and if there is a third world war, it will be for water!!

The objective of f5green.org is to retrieve & also create new water resources and create awareness among the public about the need to preserve water resources.

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