Food is a composite of Land & Water  (Puranaanooru)

An endeavour to



By a group of individuals crazy enough to carry the dream of re-creating a sparkling ambience and to bring back mother earth to her original prosperity...


We aim to 

- Create awareness among the public about their Right to Good Food and Water. 

- Inculcate and bring back to practice, the many long-forgotten rich experiences passed   down by our ancestors.

- To create consumer awareness so that they don’t simply exist but CO-EXIST. 

The present day city-centric life have turned the human beings into Money Making Machines and greedy Midas’ who got a boon to convert all things he touched into gold. But as the story goes... Midas ended up with only gold and not even a single grain to eat and finally he also turned to gold - as he touched himself absent minded, crying for his pitiable position!!!

In the past few decades, the bureaucratic Midas have turned all our wealth to dust in the name of expansion which is not balanced with nature and people are running behind materialistic pleasure without realizing the gravity of the situation. 

All the ancient civilizations grew near water resources and our ancestors had the wisdom to preserve these resources. They had a rich culture and the bonding with nature ran very deep, with festivals that mirrored the agricultural calendars. 


Remember, We are What we Eat – As per our ancient science, the outer layer of our body is called Annamaya Kosha – i.e, layer formed by the food we eat. Every commune has unique type of food & way of cooking and this is reflected in celebrations with seasonal local food and variety of dishes specific to particular areas.


Have you ever bothered to stop and wonder - 

Where “FOOD” comes from? 

How it is produced?

The travel it made to reach us?  

The people & other species involved in producing food? 

The pleasure & pain they encounter in the process?

It’s time to stop for a moment and think ….

You might possess a lot of money, but remember that, “Money may be yours but Not the Resources”. If we do not stop exploiting nature, nature will hit us back severely. Already we have started experiencing this in the form of Earth Quakes, Tsunamis, Flood & Drought. But unfortunately, we never learn, unless it happens to us personally and we all have poor memory!! We always think that it is someone else’s responsibility.

Don’t let your next generation to suffer because of your irresponsibility….

Say No to food coming out of Chemical Farming & GM Seeds – 

CHEMICALS do not decipher between Good or Bad, Young or Old – it simply KILLS 

Support and turn to Sustainable Farming Produce…

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