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"f5green.org” is a “Not-for-Profit” movement, formed by a group of socially conscious individuals from different backgrounds & varied skill-set but sharing the same dream.  It leads the march towards restoration of the depleting resources of food, water & environment and to liberate the Planet & Humankind.

The early morning travel with fresh soothing breeze carrying the fresh smell of soil & green fields, the dip in rivers & wells, all the fun in the lush green surroundings, healthy delicious millet foods and farm fresh vegetables, greens & fruits and much more...

All these were a way of life till 1980s, even-though use of chemicals in Agriculture in the name of Green revolution to increase the production, has started as early as 1960s. Even before we realized what’s happening around us, we lost all the thriving nature and were made slaves of Chemical Foods - no clean air, no more flowing rivers & well...

And alas!! - buying drinking water (paying for the basic right) has become a status symbol!!

NOW - it’s time to turn around before it’s too late…

We welcome every one of you to unite and join hands with us to 

Be a part of the Change and Become the "Change"...

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